An up and coming drag-ulele superstar, Amber Sands mixes her love of country & pop music, ukulele, glitter, lashes and wigs to create a full musical fantasy. She is not to be missed!

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Amber is a performer that sticks in the mind not just because she has a powerful and attractive voice, but also because she has an enormous amount of honesty and truth as a performer. This might seem an apparent contradiction for a performer with a mannered and ‘artificial’ look, such as a drag artist, but in fact the two things are not contradictory. The thing about drag – and any extreme sort of performance costume or persona – is that it actually lets more people connect with the artist as a human being.

– Tricity Vogue

 …she began to sing, some of the songs self-penned (I wouldn’t have known if she hadn’t told us), and her voice completely captivated the whole room. By the end we were all Amber fans, and a lengthy queue had formed to meet her. If there’s any justice we’ll be seeing her an awful lot more.

– Phil Doleman

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