The Time I Was in A Magazine

In the summer of 2019, I was asked if I would like to be interviewed by my good friend @MrsHedgeInspector for a ukulele magazine, collated and printed by the amazing team at World of Ukes.

This magazine has featured some of the biggest artists in the ukulele world, such as Taimane, Andrew & Jay Molina, Jake Shimabukuro, and best of all (in my totally biased opinion) @Thehedgeinspectors!

I was so excited to be asked for an interview – the magazine and Caroline felt it was important since there aren’t many female artists in the ukulele sphere, and even fewer “drag-ulele” artists (follow my hashtag #dragulele)! In terms of ukulele inspired drag artists, I can think of Scaredy Kat from Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK Series 1, and that’s really it! I appreciate that what I do is very niche – it’s live singing, ukulele playing and drag all rolled into one – added to that, I’m AFAB (not that it should matter – all drag is valid!), so we’re talking very, very niche. 

Therefore I was beyond thrilled to be able to get myself out there in a renowned magazine, with some great photographs, a hugely enjoyable interview and a two page spread! Not centrefold, pervs…. ;P I sat with Caroline for around two hours in a lovely local pub in Guildford, and we spoke about my inspirations, my creative process, my history, aspirations and ambitions…

You can read more for yourself below!